The modules that we study are in themselves very unique in terms of content and methodology, but apart from that we are encouraged to go beyond the curriculum and experiment and self-learn. Life is not lived by the textbook, it is surprising, ephemeral and challenging. These explorations also touch various experiences and passions as they are very much a part of my approach and thinking pattern. Each of them is sui generis in terms of context and deliverables and are highly experiential in their own way.


What i do

Strategic Design Management is a course which over the period of two years changes the conventional way we approach everyday tasks and situations. Amalgamating both telescopic and microscopic perspectives of a scenario it teaches Insight Mapping and Contextual Inquiry. The world is talking about “What” and “How” but we stress upon the “Why” more, because we understand the importance of Behavioural Science and how it affects everyday life more than we can imagine. We have become so automated, that we seem to rarely notice the softer meaningful things in life and here is where we need to have the Intangibles Perspective. We know we need Holistic Growth but the question is, are we able to make it happen??? For us every day is an opportunity to implement it. Constantly learning to be the Jack of all trades because we need all trades and so does everyone. A Humanised Vision can lead to better places than just vision. We need thinking which is Humane and spirit which is Divine to be able to evolve.

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